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 Current Research:

           Intra-operative acupuncture to decrease post-operative  pain medication requirement in minimally invasive

                       gynecologic surgery.


           Fertility after myomectomy

           Risk Factors for Unanticipated Hospital Admission after GYN surgery

           Optogenic Modulation of the Murine Bladder

          The Role of Virtual Reality Simulation in Evaluation of Laparoscopic skills in Gynecology

           Laparoscopic Skills Training among Gynecology Residents

           Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy of the Uterus: Potential Screening Tool for Morcellation

          The Effect of an Additional TVT on OAB Symptoms in Surgical Repair of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

          Effects of Aging-related Immune Changes on Mucosal Transmission of HIVType your paragraph here.

Previous Research:

​       Myomectomy Study - Use of ketorolac (an aspirin like medicine) for treatment of post-operative pain and prevention of

                    post-operative fevers.
         Evaluation of the use of pre-operative intracervical vasopressin to decrease blood loss during vaginal hysterectomy.

Published Papers:

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