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Fibroid Center of New York 

     There are a few important things to know when seeking help for your fibroids.  The first thing that I tell most of my patients is that they are unfortunately in good company in that almost half of all women at some point before menopause will develop fibroids.  The majority of them will never have to do anything about their fibroids and it is rare that any women should feel like they are forced to treat them.  On the other hand, fibroids can significantly effect your quality of life and women should not be resistant to seeking help even if the problem is only for a week or two each month.  

     Hearing that the only option for treatment is a hysterectomy is a common complaint from new patients and almost never true.  There are almost always options.  Each options has pro's and con's and they need to be weighed against each other to come up with the best individualized solution.  At the Fibroid Center of New York we work with a variety of health practitioners including nutritionist, acupuncturist, and interventional radiologists to provide the best care possible to our patients.  This care starts most simply with nutrition, and the nutritional benefits of Vitamin D and Green Tea Extract have been clearly shown to be beneficial for suppressing the growth of fibroids.  More information about these supplement can be found at   

      If you decide that you need surgery, a minimally invasive approach with less pain and a quicker recovery is almost always an option.  In addition, simply because you are not planning on have any more children, you should not simply mean that you need to remove your uterus.  The uterus has as much emotional as physical importance and it's removal should never be taken lightly, especially by your health care providers.  We understand what a difficult choice this can be and can help you make the best choice for you.  

     Lastly,  it is always important to get a second opinion.  While we believe our decades of experience in treating over 10,000 women with fibroids helps us in getting you the best treatment possible, we always support the idea of getting a variety of opinions so that you can feel as comfortable as possible in the difficult decisions you have to make.  Never feel pressured to act too quickly.